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So Brand Diva how was your meet with Brands this week, please share your experience? This week was very special for me in terms of work as there was lots of quality discussion and learning on brand development of various brands in various categories. But the most memorable was while developing the positioning punchline “First Choice for your 2nd Home” for a Builders Project called “96 Monsoon Villa”. It clearly indicates the target audience is rich class, the villas are costly but in best premium quality, the immediate appreciation in the eyes of our client made our week winning.
Today start to being more Active and Interactive on Social Media to Increase Your Brand Recall and Your Sales Value
Today start to being more Active and Interactive on Social Media to Increase your Brand recall and your Sales Value
Today start to being more Active and Inteactive on Social Media tp Increase your Brand recall and your Sales value
Do you think tag line is the most important ad to create? Why is the famous tagline of the era "Just Do It" such an effective tagline for Nike that it's lasted for nearly 20 years? Because it conveys an attitude that Nike wants associated with its products. It both empowers and encourages customers' athletic aspirations. When a tagline succeeds in conveying a feeling, it strengthens the emotional bond between you and your customers. Tagline does have its role but I would not say that a tagline is the most important Ad of a company. Nike is an exception but how many companies’ taglines are remembered. A really great tagline conveys company's benefit with personality and attitude, but I don’t know how much that will increase the sales of a company. A tagline is basically a short phrase telling your audience what you offer, what your business does, what you promise, what you provide and how you are different. It is usually written below the name of a company. I would say a tagline is chatni for a sandwich dhokla. If the Name and Logo is perfectly in place many companies don’t prefer a tagline. And so we happily eat a sandwich dhokla without chatni (atleast I do). Taglines like Connecting People (Nokia) , I’m loving it(Mac Donalds) on which millions of dollars are spend to get it noticed are remembered else hardly people recall a tagline. And as scientifically proven an image is what imprints in the mind faster than a written content which makes logo a powerful tool. Also many successful brands don’t even have taglines. Taglines for some businesses also need to be changed with time and trend, like Coke ‘It’s the real thing’ has changed its tagline 11 times since 1970 to 2009.And let’s face it their tagline is surely not the most important seller for Coke, it’s their big fat media budget. So today, instead of merely thinking about developing a tagline, go ahead, eat your Wheaties, try harder, and just do it.
What is your view on the Brand success story behind Dandiya Queen Falguni Pathak? Falguni Pathak is a natural. My Friend Heena and I were just discussing this a few days back. Falguni has held her number one position since past 17 years! And people feel really amazed about it, but as a brand design consultant I feel it to be no surprise but can observe a clear brand theory attached to it (which probably she isn’t aware of) Let me explain you point wise: She is the pioneer in her category: The first rule of a successful brand is to be the first in the category. Be the initiator. Like we always remember the first person who went to Moon, the first Miss World Aishwariya, first Miss Universe Sushmita but we often don’t know the 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the category. She is just being herself: “Be Yourself Brands” the theory that I strongly recommend is what she naturally follows and so it is not hard for her to deliver it everytime, as it is effortless. When you don’t fake your image and just portray the true qualities it helps win more loyalty from your audiences. She is Consistent: Every Rule Book of Branding emphasizes the importance of maintenance, consistent, perfection in delivery each and everytime. This comes with dedication, devotion and discipline, which is clearly seen in her professionalism on stage performances. Innovative: Her stage entries is something very unique and innovative which we have never seen in any other dandiya shows, her style and performance are unique which makes her stand out of the clutter. Adaption of latest trend and technology in advertising: We always see in media that every year Falgunis shows are in tune with something new publicity wise, like when cable TV started they were on TV, when radio started they were on radio channels, this year they largely advertised through sms as well, they also had unique concept of exhibitions for few years, so they move with the trend which is a healthy sign. So, Branding is definitely no overnight story, it’s a process and even the Dandiya Queen has to tune her beats with it.
You are a Brand design consultant and I have seen some of the beautifully made logos by your company, what exactly is the trick/ secret/ magic mantra behind the perfectly right Brand logo? Well firstly thanks for the compliment, yes there is a secret, a trick, more fun and of course pure magic by the Lord to the success of every logo made by us. As already stated in my earlier question hour session that most of my Brand designs are truly and naturally through intuitions. It’s just I get an idea in my sleep I immediately start a work on it with my designer on those lines. Before representing any designs to my client I analyze it all personally. I believe in getting a feel of 100 percent, a feeling of having connection with its target group. I believe what you deliver is loved by you and gives you job satisfaction, than it can never fail. If I won’t feel confidence in my designs, if I can’t trust my own work I can’t expect my customers to believe in it and tell them it’s going to be successful. Like while making any design and presenting it I make sure that it should be liked by me. That’s the reason at times I represent my logos in front of client and most of the times it gets approval in one go. It’s a magic world of passion and fun for us. And that passion and that love brings in all the positive appreciations for our company. The mission we hold in our heart and soul is to make a world of “Be Yourself Brands”.