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If your desired brand image isn"t what"s in the minds of your target audience you"ve got to figure out the gaps are and how to address them.
We Are Here For Makeover Of Company Image Is it Necessary to Redesign Logo? Coca Cola a company established in 1885 has several times changed their bottle shape, size, colour, price etc, but how many times they changed their Logo? Not even once! My stand always has been that logo is the face of the Company. And so it should be in tune with the total personality, look and feel of the Brand. Generally revamping or makeover is done if : The Company message, mission, vision statements are changing like Shopper Stop, The Company just wants to give a fresh look of their Brand to their decade old consumers like Videocon. Or if the Company wants to rectify their previous spoiled image. Let alone whatsoever the reasons may be, the logo is simply the representative, the identifier of the company as a whole, like the M arch of Mc Donalds or the right tick of Nike, so unless really necessary I would strongly recommend not to touch it again and again. Thus, it is really not necessary to change or redesign the logo if you’re giving a makeover to your Company image, if you have a powerful well Designed Logo.
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