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With Shri. Harish Bhimani ji writer, anchor, voice-over artiste, Recipient of the coveted President’s Medal in the National Awards, Jayesh Ganatra and Ms. Barkha Dattani ji, Founder of the Barkha's Brand Clinic which has Pan India Presence. Barkha Dattani from Barkhas's Brand Clinics interview in Today
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About Us Barkha's Brand Clinic we are a Brand Designing Company with an Expertise Specialization in Brand Logo Designing Logos is what we do We Think Breathe and Live Logos We are Passionate Logo design Company having Created Logos for Varied Industries like Corporate Logos Industrial Logos FMCG Logos Real Estate Logos International Logos and many more
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Brand Logo Presentation matters It is Important Brand Positioning Strategy to be Developed for Magnificent Brand Response from Target Group We Barkha's Brand Clinic understand this Brand Call as to when and how to Accelerate Your Brand
Do you think an effective Brand marketing strategy can pull the heart strings of prospective buyers? “Branding is about understanding the minds and winning the hearts of the consumers” – by Barkha Dattani And Marketing is the act or process of buying and selling in the market. Branding is part of marketing. Branding and marketing should be interrelated, a constant tuning is necessary between both the activities for success story of a company today. There is nothing like a Brand marketing strategy, its only marketing strategy based on which Branding strategy is made. So yes certainly a well designed Branding strategy can win hearts of people, just like the way marketing expert Marc Gobe argue that ‘Apple's brand is the key to the company's success. It's got nothing to do with products like the iMac or iPod’. By this he means that pulling the strings of prospective buyer is possible through a well designed marketing and Branding strategy. If you have seen the recent hoarding across the city of L& T switches you will see they have kept a magnifying glass on their name L& T on the switch board and then simply written ‘do we need to say more’ this is the power of a brand. This shows the bonding and trust people hold for the Brand. When Garnier says ‘aapna khayal rakana’ through Esha Deol, it is pulling the emotional chord of the prospective buyer. And when ICICI says ‘Jeete Raho’ it is again bridging the emotional connect with its consumers. So, definitely effective branding and marketing strategies together do spread love in the world of professionalism.
A very essayed interview of Miss Barkha Dattani in Hindi
Heartiest Congratulations to "DR. RATHOD" for their Healthcare Brand Logo Designed by us at Barkha's Brand Clinic with our Creative Designers.